.NET Class Lookup Plugin for Google Deskbar

The .NET Class Lookup Plugin for Google Deskbar provides a new way for .NET Developers to find the documentation that they need. Rather than having to open an application such as Web Matrix ClassBrowser or Reflector to access documention for a .NET Framework class, one can simply enter the name of a class or namespace into the Google Deskbar search box and select '.NET Class Lookup' from the menu.

To use this plugin, one must already have Google Deskbar installed as well as the .NET Framework v1.1.

A binary distribution packaged with Windows Installer 2.0 is available at the project page.

If you have any suggestions, comments or bug reports, please send them to adamcrossland@users.sourceforge.net.  If you'd like to participate in changing and improving this software, please let me know.